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Hollis Jeffcoat


  • Abraxas

    Abraxas 1D
    Abraxas 3D
    Abraxas 4D
    Abraxas 5D
    Abraxas 6D
    Abraxas D2
    Abraxas D7
    Abraxas D8

  • Canonica

  • La Chute

  • L'Esterel

  • Fount

  • Nuns' Beach

  • La Source

  • Sprucehead
  • Abraxas series (1996)

    Named after a farm outside Toronto, Canada, this series grew out of some sketches made there in 1996. At this time Jeffcoat began working in a new and now favored medium, oil on vellum. Modern vellum is a very lightly toothed treated paper. It has a transluscence that helps to create a sense of space not availiable on ordinary paper or canvas. On vellum it is also easier to move and wash down paint than on other supports.

    Abraxas 1  Abraxas 3d

     Abraxas 4d  Abraxas 5d

     Abraxas 6d  Abraxas d2

     Abraxas d7  Abraxas d8